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Do I Need to Clean My Dryer Vent?

When you wash clothes, the fabrics produce lint. But that’s not all. Things fall out from your pockets and the dryer sheet produces lint that collects in the exhaust of the dryer. In every cycle, these elements, and others can lead to a buildup in the dryer vent. Thus, the dryer exhaust system is now installed in every home.

A clogged clothes dryer vent can lead to a fire hazard. Lint, debris, and leftover materials from your jean pockets can start to clog the dryer vent on the external side of the exhaust—the one outside of your home. The dryer exhaust vent serves an important function. It gets rid of the heat, steam, and fumes that your dryer generates.

To prevent a fire in your home, you should make sure there is no lint buildup in or around the vent on both the dryer side and the outdoor side of the dryer exhaust hose. You should always remove the lint from the components before every drying cycle.

A clogged lint trap can lead to a home fire. It can also result in a longer drying time.

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What causes dryer lint?

When clothes are worn, washed, and dried, it disrupts the bonding of the fabrics over time, producing tiny particles of fabric that build up into lint. Tiny ends of cotton, wool, and other materials create lint that can create a blockage in your dryer. Therefore, it's critical to clean the lint screen between loads.

What happens when you don't clean the lint filter?

The build-up of lint in the filter will lead to many harmful results.
  • Blockage from dryer so heat can not escape
  • Potential fire
  • Burned clothes
  • Clogged exhaust hose

How to clean a dryer vent on the roof?

The roof dryer exhaust should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year by a professional. Call today to schedule a cleaning appointment.

How to clean out a dryer vent?

Step 1:

Disconnect the dryer ventilation hose from the outside deposit.

Step 2:

Use a vacuum hose attachment to vacuum the lint from inside the hose.

Step 3:

Use a brush to gently wipe away any residue you can see inside the ventilation hose.

Step 4:

Reconnect the hose.

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